Program Recap: March

Monday, April 03, 2023 9:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Program Recap Alert!

Did you join us to learn about Positive intelligence in March?


A couple of weeks ago, we got to enjoy a great presentation from Kym Dakin about Positive Intelligence, a coaching model developed by Shirzad Chamine.


What did we learn?


The training focused on identifying our personal Saboteurs. Kym explained that Saboteurs are tendencies we each have that work against us in certain situations.


By becoming aware of these tendencies, we can focus on counteracting those attributes with what the Positive Intelligence model refers to as our “positive Sage powers.”


Focusing on the 10%


Kym talked us through a mindfulness exercise and also a group exercise. Many participants were energized and excited by the group exercise that took the concept of brainstorming and brought focus to the group to generate a conversation that progressed toward solutions.


Kym encouraged us to acknowledge the value of each contributed idea by verbalizing a positive attribute and then build on the conversation by adding our idea with an “and” statement.


ATD Capability Model


This training season our programming committee has been working hard to align our presenters and their topics with the ATD capability model. If you attended the training, did this coaching model resonate with any of the capabilities for you?


Did you think it was applicable to Developing Professional Capability? Maybe also Building Personal Capability? Did you see a way it would Impact Organizational Capability? Go ahead and be the one to start a discussion in the comments below!!


If you missed the training but we’ve piqued your interest…


If you’re interested in exploring Positive Intelligence more, reach out to Kym.



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