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What is ChIP, and How Does it Help My Chapter?

Wednesday, August 07, 2019 10:40 AM | Richard Parent (Administrator)

We all know that the Maine Chapter of ATD is a fantastic value and resource for talent development professionals. But did you know that ATD National also has courses, workshops, webinars, books, and other materials to help you improve your effectiveness?

When you become a Power Member (by joining both your local maine Chapter and ATD National), you gain access to these resources at a discounted rate. Click here for more information about becoming a Power Member.

But wait, what was all that about ChIP, and what is ChIP? ChIP is the Chapter Incentive Program, and it's one way that ATD National helps its local chapters to better serve their communities. Every time you purchase something from the ATD National store, just before you enter your payment information, you'll be asked whether you have a ChIP Code. Click the dropdown and select MAINE from the list of local chapters and ATD National will make a contribution to our chapter. It's just that easy. You don't have to memorize a code number or passphrase or even a 16-character password using numbers, upper- and lower-case letters, special symbols, and the current phase of the moon.

ChIP is quick and easy, and it helps you to up your game while also giving back to your local chapter. Nice!


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