Some days are just more.

Tuesday, February 21, 2023 12:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Do you have that where some days are just more than others?

Maybe it's a day with an abundance of friends and family birthdays on it or a day when all of your projects are due or a day when the weather just decides to run counter to your needs? or perfectly suited to your needs?!

When it is happening to us, it can feel so vivid. When it is happening to others, it might just make us smile and nod.

There it just happened! I started this post at 9:30 am, and it is now 1:50 pm, but except for 20 minutes to wolf down some leftover veggie lasagna, I've been doing a whole bunch of stuff that I didn't even have on my list of must dos for this weird Mondayest of Tuesdays.

Anyway, my point before I was swept up in the tempest of having a "vivid" day myself was that when we're providing TD opportunities for people, in whatever our capacity, we may find we have folks unable to learn or unable to focus because they are having a day.

What can we do for them? for ourselves? How do we plan for that? Perhaps that is a basic question, but will you please give your thoughts anyway?

As we look at how to connect, what can we do to make connection possible? Even on those days.

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