Getting the Monkeys Off Your Back

  • Tuesday, October 16, 2012
  • 7:30 AM - 9:30 AM
  • Portland Country Club, Falmouth, ME


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Getting the Monkeys Off Your Back  

Too often as a manager or supervisor, you find yourselves picking up “monkeys.”  What’s a monkey?  Well a monkey is a responsibility or ‘next move’ that you assume responsibility for.  When you hear yourself say, “I’ll look into it, and get back to you,” you’ve most likely picked up a monkey. If you find yourself harried, having more work to do than time, you probably are picking up monkeys that belong to your staff.


During this interactive workshop, you will discover when and why you are picking up monkeys, how to prevent ricochet monkeys (problems that have been created by the work or personal style of your staff) and how you can develop the skills to assist your staff in regaining control of their own monkeys, allowing them to act and be accountable for the ‘next move’.

At the end of this workshop, you’ll be able to:

  • Define a ‘monkey.’
  • Identify when and why you are picking up monkeys. (Assessing your underlying motivations.)
  • Discuss strategies that create a bias for action, allowing your staff to care and feed their own monkeys.

About Our Presenter (Lynne Richards):

Lynne is a published author, with a degree from the University of Maine and an MBA from Southern New Hampshire University. She has been recognized by the National Speakers Association of New England with the President’s Award For Outstanding Service and is a past President of Maine Chapter of American Society of Training and Development. She is a certified instructor of Achieve Global and Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI). Raw ability and know-how has lead Lynne on a successful career as a healthcare professional, team-builder and facilitator, and as a management consultant. Her company is Leading Generations.

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