Enhancing Body Awareness to Elevate Work Performance

  • Tuesday, December 08, 2020
  • 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
  • Zoom!


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Date: Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Time: 8:00 – 9:00 AM 
Location: ONLINE! Registrants will receive a Zoom link
Register by: Friday noon, December 4, 2020

Enhancing Body Awareness to Elevate Work Performance

When we learn to listen to our bodies, we learn a more authentic, efficient, and effective way of working that involves the whole person, both body and mind.


Imagine a situation where you're working at your desk, feeling a bit drained, restlessly shifting in your chair, but wanting to make progress on your work project. What do you? Grab another cup of coffee? Take a walk around the office? Or just bite the bullet and keep working? Now imagine a more embodied approach to work. One in which you understand that your dip in energy could be remedied with some energizing breath exercises, and your restlessness can be remedied by some self-massage techniques for the lower back. Maybe you have a therapy ball or tennis ball to roll out tight muscles against your desk chair. You are more focused and at ease at work because you feel like you have the tools to support your whole self. As a massage therapy and anatomy teacher, I help people understand their bodies through body awareness exercises, self-massage, and mindfulness practices. These practices are simple, engaging and effective, and can help you and your clients embrace a more holistic approach to the workday.

The human brain is extraordinarily capable. Its capacity for development is impressive. Our brains, however, are only one part of our bodies. Even the best brains in the business struggle with anxiety, distracting pain, and tension. By capitalizing on the full-body approach to work, we will be better-suited to move forward into the future, whatever developments or setbacks it may present.

By attending this presentation, you will have the opportunity to:
  • Learn simple breathing exercises, self-massage techniques, and mindfulness practices that can be inserted into the work day
  • Reflect upon real-life situations in which these embodied practices might come in handy, building your Personal Capability
  • Discuss how to bring these practices to anyone and everyone, regardless of beliefs and backgrounds

In ATD's new Capability Model, this presentation will help you to build your personal capability.

NOTE: For this special session, attendees can bring a friend for FREE!  Just e-mail Info@tdmaine.org for a special code that will let you register a friend, family member, or colleague for free.


Emily Dunuwila

Emily is a massage therapist, dancer and teacher. She owns a small massage therapy practice, Empower Massage Therapy, in Scarborough. She has taught anatomy, self-massage and body awareness classes at massage therapy schools, yoga studios and dance studios. She is a certified Roll Model Method Practitioner, a CORE Myofascial therapist, and a member of the AMTA. Emily is also a community organizer in the Eating Disorder Recovery community. You can find Emily posting short self-massage and body awareness videos on Facebook or Instagram, @Empowermassagemaine. You can also purchase 20-30 minute self-massage and relaxation tutorials at shop.empowermt.com

Cancellation Policy: A full refund will be issued if the cancellation request is made on or before 5 calendar days before the scheduled program. Please email events@tdmaine.org with your inquiries.

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